Sunday, 14 September 2014

Fabric covered journal

Yet more journal making.

I made fabric paper using ordinary cotton fabric. First I ironed HeatnBond iron-on adhesive onto the back of a piece of fabric. Then I peeled off the backing and ironed tissue paper onto the sticky surface of the HeatnBond.

It's ready to use straight away and is much easier to glue to the book covers than ordinary fabric and glue doesn't soak through either.

I learnt from this first book - you can't see in the photograph but there are air bubbles. When I made the next book I was careful to use my craft ruler to press the air bubbles out when I glued the fabric paper to the covers.

I cut and mitred the corners and glued the edges of the fabric paper to the inside of the book covers. I turned the spine in and glued that too. Then I used a rectangle of book fabric and glued it on the inside of the spine and onto the inside covers.

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