Sunday, 1 April 2012

100 girls on cheap paper

After doing a recent workshop with Dina Wakley I bought a book she recommended,

100 Girls on Cheap Paper: Drawings by Tina Berning 

This is what I've done in my journal since then. 
The girls are drawn with a Stabilo Aquarellable black pencil and then 

Expand your boundaries

This was another Art Geeks Challenge

Gill, this prompt is designed to push you outside of the boundaries of what you 'see' and get you to try recreating a photo or a scene. Partly realistic and partly imagination.

Your prompt is to get a photo and cut off part of your subject. Then recreate that along with finishing out the background of the original photo. Creating a new boundary from the one in the photo.

So here are the original photo and the finished page in my journal