Monday, 2 March 2015

A junk journal

I love Teesha and Tracy Moore's Artstronauts club. For only $5 a month there seems like a constant stream of craft videos, printable collage sheets and all sorts of inspiration. I particularly like bookmaking videos and ideas how to build up collage.
So here is my junk journal - full of lots of inspiration and also plenty of blank pages too. The individual pages have been machine stitched together and the journal is handstitched in folios. The front and back covers were collaged and then joined with fabric paper

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Twisted Sisters Art Journal

Twisted Sisters Art Journal CJ
These were the instructions for my new art journal circle journal
The twist is you are adding to all the pages that have been done before you get it ..

1. do YOUR page in YOUR journal. Do another background in YOUR journal. Send off a couple of bits - a quote, a stamped image, a rub on, some lace, bits of metal ... anything but only a couple of things.

2. Next person receives your completed page and adds one or 2 items from the bag/envelope of extras (if they wish) they then work on the already completed background and make ANOTHER background, then adds a couple of bits from THEIR stash to the bag/envelope of unused bits from number one.

3. 3rd person then adds one or 2 bits to 1st LO, then adds 1 or 2 bits to 2nd LO and works on the background created by person 2 and then completes ANOTHER background and adds a few things from their stash to the envelope/bag of bits.

4. 4th person does the same.

So in a nutshell - there will always be a background to work on AND you then create another background AND you choose something from the bag/envelope to add to ALL the previous pages (if you think it needs it), if not then leave it as the next person may decide that it DOES need something. Add a couple of bits from your own stash and send on ... etc Just remember to not go too mad adding things as the books will be going to 13 people so will have up to 13 added extras on by the time they come home !

This is an open Art Journal/Mixed Media CJ with each participant choosing the theme for their own book.

I think I forgot to take any photos of my own journal before I posted it. Never mind, it will be back in a few months. My theme is circles.

I've just completed a page in Chrissie's journal and done another background ready for the next person to start.