Monday, 20 January 2014

Recycled card journal

I followed a you tube video by Jennybellie to make a recycled card journal. Jennybellie's instructions are very clear and it was a good project for January  to use some of the Christmas cards

I started by painting the insides of the cards where necessary to cover any writing

Then I covered the outside of the cards with scrapbook paper

and made the covers (also from Christmas cards)
When I added the signatures I added beads to the spine

All I need now is some elastic for the closure, so I'll have to buy that tomorrow

 and then of course I need to use it for art journaling


  1. WoW! Gill this is gorgeous! Mine is still in the beginning stages, I've got around 4 3card signatures so far. Hope mine turns out as nice as this :)

  2. Thanks Cath. I didn't have many more pages, just put less per signature. I'm sure yours will turn out well - you're really good at things like this