Thursday, 17 July 2014

Vintge fabric circle journal

Months ago my vintage journal set off round a group of fellow enthusiast from UK Scrappers. Today was the day when it arrived back home and it is just amazing. I love all the fabulous entries and keep finding new things to exclaim over and stroke.

This was my own page that was the start of the journal. The photograph is of my grandmother and probably dates bac k to the first world war, so about 100 years ago.

This is the page by Frances (New2You from UKS). The picture is of her great grandmother so very special. I wud love to be able to embroider names like that!
Another fabulous page by Sarah "Flo" Harris

A really sumptuous page by Natasha (Teeshirt) with ribbons and charms

Vintage embroidery by Gill (Wisher). Thus reminds me of vintage tray cloths and tea cosies. Very evocative.
 A very clever threaded sewing machine by Tracy Mumof4girls)

Thank you so much ladies for these fabulous pages

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Time for tea

Posting day for these circle journals comes round only too quickly. Having decided what I was going to do I had just left the stitching as I had eye surgery 2 weeks ago. Today really was the last opportunity to get it sorted on time so I was very relieved to have finished. Unfortunately I wasn't prepared to leave it that that so after tea I did more stitching. It really is finished now.

The theme was "Cupcakes" but I wanted to find a slightly different take. Hopefully this ties the other entries together.